Table of Contents

  1. Getting Up to Some Funny Business – You Can’t Be Serious?
  2. Humor as a Brand Advantage – If You Build It Right, They Will Come
  3. Building a Tribal Culture That’s a Barrel of Laughs
  4. Trumpeting Success at Work
  5. To Be Contagious, Make Your Messages Outrageous
  6. What a Great Idea! Why Ha + Ha = AHA!
  7. Putting Humor to Work for Less Stress and More Success
  8. Humor as a Brand Advantage, Part Two – Attracting Customers Into the Fold
  9. Turning Customers Into Raving Fans
  10. The Punch Line: Why Humor is No Joke

Appendix A   Five Ways to Jump-start a Culture Shift in Your Workplace
Appendix B   Jump-starting More Fun at Work
Appendix C   Five Guiding Principles for Using Humor Effectively
Appendix D   Twenty Ways to Grow Your Sense of Humor
Appendix E   Fifty-two Fun Meeting Icebreakers
Appendix F   Videos Referenced in the Book
What Next? What More?

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