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Michael is based in Canmore and Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Local: 403-609-2640
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About Michael Kerr
Michael is a Hall of Fame international business speaker who travels the world researching, writing and speaking about humor in the workplace and inspiring workplace cultures. His ideas on building great workplaces have been featured in Forbes on-line, Business Insider, Fast Company, The Globe and Mail newspaper, Alberta Venture, The Wall Street Journal and more. The Humor Advantage is his sixth book. 

About The Humor Advantage
The Humor Advantage – Why Some Business Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank is packed with ideas on how businesses can brand themselves to attract employees and customers, engage and inspire employees, communicate more effectively, lower stress, drive innovation, and offer outrageous customer service with the help of humor. The book features companies from around the world, running the gamut from small businesses to international corporations. As one reviewer wrote, “The Humor Advantage is the business book the world has been waiting for!”

For a review copy of The Humor Advantage please contact our office.

Topics Michael Can Talk About:

  • The role humor plays in business: Why humor at work is no joke!
  • Managing to have fun: How leaders use their sense of humor and how to lead with humor when you’re an introvert
  • Can humor help you get that bonus? Why more funny sometimes = more money!
  • Building great workplaces/workplace culture issues: Inspiring businesses from around the world
  • What it takes to be an inspiring leader in today’s rapidly changing workplace
  • The role of workplace values in driving success: Why values can matter more than money
  • How businesses are using humor to brand their business effectively: From WestJet’s practical jokes to Beryl’s Queen of Fun and Laughter
  • How businesses are getting creative and downright funny to attract customers
  • Customer service with a laugh: How businesses are turning customers into raving, passionate fans
  • Did you hear the one about the stand up economist? How being outrageous can make your messages contagious
  • Using humor effectively in speeches and business presentations
  • A penguin wearing a sombrero: How recruiters are using humor in their hiring practices
  • Why money is a lousy motivator: Employee motivation; motivating employees during challenging times; 6 powerful Ps of effective employee motivation and engagement
  • Overcoming bad hair days: Why humor is one of the most effective stress busters and why workplaces are adding humor to their health and wellness mix
  • Why Ha + Ha = AHA! Why creative people, teams, leaders and organizations need to play.
  • Ideas are the currency of success: What it takes to build a more creative, innovative workplace
  • Wacky Wednesdays and Third Person Thursdays: The role traditions and rituals play in building great workplaces
  • How businesses can use wacky theme days to add fun to their workplace
  • When humor goes off the rail: The perils and pitfalls of inappropriate workplace humor
  • Funny business/workplace related stories and “bloopers”

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Suggested Interview Questions for Michael Kerr

Michael is happy to provide a list of suggested questions linking into whatever topic you choose to interview him on. As an expert in the area of workplace culture, humor in the workplace, and humor in business, Michael has a wealth of interesting statistics, studies, anecdotes, and examples to draw upon, and is happy to provide journalists with additional information or leads to help create the most compelling and complete a story as possible.

Michael in Action
You can view a cross section of Michael on video by visiting his You Tube channel at:

Follow Michael/Humor at Work on Twitter at:

Drop us a line at or phone 866-609-2640. Michael is very connected in the speaking/business expert world so he if he can’t help you with your story chances are he knows someone who can!