The Humor Advantage

Why Some Businesses are Laughing all the Way to the Bank

What You’ll Learn in The Humor Advantage

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Feature C-Suite Book Club SelectionEnergize employees and turn customers into passionate, lifelong fans. Leverage The Humor Advantage to deliver outrageous results in your workplace!

Rave Reviews

  • The Humor Advantage

    “Michael hits the nail on the head when it comes to the balance of fun and professionalism. His book is full of brilliant real world examples of ways to utilize humor and improve company culture. It has my brain swirling with new ideas we can bring to Men In Kilts.”

    - Nicholas Brand, Founder, Men In Kilts Window Cleaning

  • The Humor Advantage

    “As Michael Kerr says in The Humor Advantage, humor and success in business isn’t a ‘chicken or egg’ thing – it’s both. Success in business helps create upbeat employees and having upbeat employees helps create a successful business. Take your business up a notch – read this book!”

    - Joe Calloway, author of Be the Best at What Matters Most

  • The Humor Advantage

    “Michael Kerr is a very funny guy, but in his new book he provides some seriously important ideas about using humor in the workplace. In his normal witty style, he teaches practical ideas and gives you the inspiration to use them to better your business, your profits and your personal life.”

    - Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor

  • The Humor Advantage

    “The business world has been waiting for this book: Hundreds of insights and specific examples of how you can create humor, deliver humor and profit from humor in your business. ‘Funny’ rhymes with ‘money’ for a reason. Michael gets it…and now you will too.”

    - Donald Cooper, MBA, Business speaker

  • The Humor Advantage

    “Wow! Eureka! Light bulbs popping in my brain! The Humor Advantage gives entrepreneurs a barrel-full of creative ideas to accelerate their sales growth while making your business a destination for great employees and ecstatic customers.”

    - Jon Schallert, founder,

  • The Humor Advantage

    “This book could revolutionize my culture. You pull information, quotes and case studies from all areas of business and at all levels. It takes any business on a fun ride to get their workplace to a happy place with super engaged people and a culture of belonging. I can’t wait for my executives to read this; they’ll have a new set of eyes to see what you can actually do in a business to get serious work done with a fun, positive attitude. This is a fire hose of information and value for anyone trying to turn their culture upside down! You nailed it!”

    - Michael Easton, President and CEO Argus Industries  

  • The Humor Advantage

    “A must-read for any business that wants to attract and keep top talent, engage employees, boost sales and turn customers into passionate, lifelong fans!”

    - Colleen Francis,  sales expert and author of Nonstop Sales Boom

  • The Humor Advantage

    “This book is your strategic plan for creating an exceptionally inspiring workplace – do yourself a favor and buy one copy for yourself… and another for your boss!”

    - James Robbins, author of Nine Minutes on Monday

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